Excavation Tools

We are an established manufacturer of non sparking excavation tools, which are very important in various applications. In this range, we offer non sparking square shovel and edging spades, which are required to deliver the necessary safety during the process of digging or excavating in an area that has flammable solid products. These are also applicable while excavating or digging in the ground where liquid or gaseous vapors might be present that can cause a flame because of a small spark. The range of non sparking excavation tools helps in making the entire operation a safe task.
Product Image (01)

SSH-1002 Non Sparking Square Shovel

Price: 23885 INR/Piece

Non-Sparking Square Shovel is used in many industries.

Product Image (02)

STAA-1002B Non Sparking Edging Spade

Price: 31110 INR/Piece

Sparkless Non-Sparking Edging Spade is used in many Industries


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