Whether you need a non sparking railroad pick axe or a fireman axe, you can purchase both of these types of non sparking axes. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of these products. Based in Mumbai, we ensure the best quality of these tools by conducting regular quality checks and inspections during different stages of production. In our company, we depend on staffs greatness with regards to giving the most appropriate answers for clients. All our team members are specialists and are dedicated to serving non-sparking axes.
Product Image (SSE-1002)

Non Sparking Fireman Axe

Price: 13274 INR/Piece

The double-bit axe is usually used to fall, trim or prune trees, and split and cut wood. It is also used for notching and shaping logs and timbers.

Product Image (SSD-1002A)

Non Sparking Railroad Pick Axe

Price: 14212 INR/Piece

Aluminum bronze (Al-Br), non-sparking corrosion resistant. Precision casting. Used to break hard and rocky soil.


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